Free expectancy sessions for families expecting multiples

We invite you and your support partner to come along to this informal information session, run by parents with firsthand experience in the care and raising of multiples. NMBC is a not-for-profit organisation that provides advice and support for families with multiples. These sessions are FREE and cover a range of topics including:

  • preparing for the arrival of your multiples
  • what equipment you will (and won’t) need,
  • the local support and resources available
  • feeding and routines for multiples
  • tips for getting out and about.


Come along and enjoy some friendly conversation from those who know!

Upcoming Class Dates - 2023

Sessions are online, via MS Teams

  • Tuesday, 8 August @ 7.30pm
  • Monday, 9 October @ 7.30pm
  • Wednesday, 6 December @ 7.30pm
  • Bookings/Info: expectancy@nmbc.org.au