Equipment Hire

We believe that every parent deserves the support they need to navigate the joys and responsibilities of raising multiples. Our complimentary equipment hire program is designed to provide you with access to high-quality and essential items that can be costly to purchase outright. By borrowing these items, you can save money while ensuring that your children have the comfort and care they deserve.

What’s Available for Hire?

Our equipment hire program includes a variety of items carefully selected to meet the needs of families with multiple babies. Some of the items available for hire include:

  • Hospital Grade Twin Bassinets: Give your newborns the best start with hospital-grade twin bassinets that provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. These bassinets are designed to accommodate twins and provide peace of mind to parents.
  • Twin Baby Carriers: Explore the world while keeping your babies close with our twin baby carriers. These carriers are ergonomically designed to provide comfort for both parent and babies, making outings and daily activities a breeze.